Who we are

The VOLTAÏCA Group was founded in 2008. Its ambition is to develop power plants for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.

Based in Corsica and active on a national and international scale, our team puts its skills to work for a better world.

Convinced of the indispensable need to use renewable energies to limit humanity's impact on the planet, VOLTAÏCA wants to be part of the challenge of a future close to zero carbon emissions.
  • Développement
    VOLTAÏCA Pulse is in charge of the ex-nihilo development of power generation projects. It is looking for sites, land, existing roofs or the need to construct a building for farmers for example. It comes to an understanding with the owners on the conditions of use of their property for several decades. It then takes all the necessary steps to obtain all the authorisations required for the implementation of its projects. Once all the authorisations have been obtained and the agreements with the various stakeholders have been contractualised, VOLTAÏCA Pulse sells all its rights to an operating company that produces electricity. This may be POWENR, a sister company of VOLTAÏCA (GIUDICELLI Group), an electricity producer, or a client company outside of the group, itself an electricity producer, looking for rights to build new power plants to operate.
  • Construction
    VOLTAÏCA Technic is in charge of coordinating the implementation of the power plants ordered by the client companies, as well as monitoring the production and maintenance of these plants. Its customers include POWENR and many other companies outside the group, in particular VOLTAÏCA Pulse's client companies.
  • Exploitation
    VOLTAÏCA Exploitation manages electricity producers exclusively from renewable energy sources. Its customers are electricity suppliers, primarily EDF. VOLTAÏCA Exploitation aims to produce more than 1 TWh annually by 2030. This is equivalent to the average electricity consumption for lighting and appliances of 1 million Europeans.